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Sacral Vocal Alchemy - Consuelo Luz


When I practice vocal alchemy one on one with someone first I ask for permission from their higher self to enter into a journey through their body's music.




It is valuable to state an intention for the session. There may be a particular issue the person wants to focus on, or just a general desire to be more aligned with Earth and their higher purpose.




I like to use the template of the chakras so as to include all the places in the body where there might be an imbalance, an overactive vibration or a blockage of some sort, because if one part of the body is out of balance it will affect everything else.




I intuitively choose varied musical instruments, crystal bowls, bells, drums and recorded music, but my principal tool is the voice through which I channel the sounds the body of the participant needs to express. Matching the frequency of these essences, whether they be liquid, membrane, bone or etheric, allows expression, movement and freeing of what is preventing a free flow of energy.




Sometimes it feels like I am remembering root soul sounds that have been forgotten, musical languages of ancient and future light that are yearning for expression, or that I am opening tone channels, both primitive that come from deep inside the Earth, and angelic that come from the stars, voicing ancestral memories of the participant that have been forgotten or hidden and are longing to be remembered and integrated into a new, whole identity. These liberated frequencies can allow new visions to emerge and new life paths to be forged.




If the person's intention is to find a new, stronger voice, a focus on the throat chakra will be helpful and possibly their own active vocal participation in the session as well. A certain level of surrender is called for to free the voice from inhibiting intellect in order to awaken to the power of our bio-mystic sounds and destiny. With wordless vocal alchemy the unknowable can be expressed, beyond intellect, beyond left brain limitations.




We all have patterns, some formed as far back as in the womb, infancy and childhood, or perhaps even in past lives, that  maintain a presence in our emotional and mental life and affect our ability to be our full, healthy selves. These patterns can actually manifest physically such as a perpetual lump in the throat. These crystallized patterns can be vocalized and disintegrated.


When blockages and limiting identities/stories are released this gives room and energy for voicing, awakening and being your True Self who is yearning to be expressed, honored and enjoyed!




The heart is the center of our existence, through which all our physical, emotional and soul pathways flow. The electromagnetic field of the heart reaches outwards sixty times farther that where our mental field reaches. By singing the liberated frequencies of our entire body we voice the radiant dialect of the heart and allow love to flow freely in our lives.




I apply Reiki techniques throughout the session, invoking this spiritual energy medicine to assist in the intention of the session. Sometimes the last 20 minutes of the session are devoted to Reiki before grounding and completion.






"You healed so much of me that I did not know was broken. You have an undeniable gift of discernment. Of insight. Of vision."

- Heather Armstrong, Salt Lake City, Utah


" You very well may have unlocked the key to my destiny."

- Erin Hawkins, Washington DC


"I feel so blessed to have received the medicine you have to offer.  I released and opened in a new way and am forever grateful."

- Casey Erin Wood, MacTier, Ontario, Canada


"You picked up on the very energy and healing my heart was

hoping for."

- Shelley Roberts,  Bothell, WA


"Your presence and ability to heal is wondrous, it's amazing,

generous, full, rich, lovely, giving.  I am blessed to have experienced

your kindness and magical healing powers.


I had an extraordinary experience with you and will cherish it


- Diane Engelman, PhD

   Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology

   Marin and Sonoma Counties, CA


“The peace I felt after your session could only have been possible

as a result of you realigning my body, mind and spirit thru sound.

Thank you." 

– C. S.


“There is a room.  A table.  Consuelo. And a variety of musical

instruments. I lay down, and things began to happen.  First heat

from her hands, then a shivering in my bones, then waves, then

pulsations, then a deep trembling, a deep opening, and the absolute

certainty that there is no separation between the sacred and the

mundane.  Consuelo closed her eyes, and she became a shaman

on the steppes in Central Asia, a monk, a biblical healer and angels

with fluttering wings.  Things made sense without words and then,

a great release and a profound opening.  At the end, a grounding.”

 - J. F.



Session 1.  I am learning to circulate the kundalini so

when I was in your room I tried to do that a little as u sang.

The sounds, a mix of primitive and cerebral, put me in my

body in a delicious way especially around my solar plexus.

I felt tingly and happy till u got to my head. It didn't hurt

but there was too much energy there. The next day I felt

a need to claim my self and assert myself as well.

This lasted for several days.


Session 2.  I was anticipating a session similar to the last.

The magic in the room was wonderful and surrounded

me like a blanket. My solar plexus, however, didn't feel

tingly or delicious until my heart got involved and then I

felt more connected. When u touched my throat I almost

jumped. It is another area that needs expression and has

been silent for a long time. The next day my whole abdomen was

sore. On Friday B. worked on my solar plexus and said that my

chakras up to my throat were getting stronger.


Thank you for the magic Consuelo,

Love, A.



My sound healing experience helped me remember my trueness, my whole complete and perfect self.  I felt fulfilled after my experience with Consuelo.  Things shifted in my heart with tears springing to my eyes, with the scent of the copal to the sounds moving around from her voice to the tuning of my own voice.

The silence let it seep into my bones at the end.

Blessings and Shanti,

- G. L.






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