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We can again, as we did once:

Sing to bring the rain

attract a love mate

mourn the loss of a loved one

bring in the fish nets

sell our wares

harvest the rice

stop and remember the Divine five times a day

give thanks when we wake up

and when we lie down

make a rosary of pods and seeds and braided hair

each seed a note, each pod a song

shake it and dance, shake it and dance

hang it around our necks, go into a trance


Hear your breath, your voice,

as strands in the tapestry of life

the magic geometry of your voice

harmonizing with mine

vibrating the glands that open doors to the Divine


Sing the song of fish, hawk, otter and dragonfly,

of mossy rock and rustling river grasses

sing the sound inside a stone

sing the story written in your bones


Find the healing frequencies in the gurgling water,

in the night crickets, in the sparkling soothing wind

stop, listen, restore, refresh

find and free your voice, free yourself

speak your truth

hum, gargle, giggle, yelp, coo

whisper, mumble, wail, shout, grunt, sigh

remember a silly song and a lullaby


Find the song that you are

the song that your life is

the song in your stillness

the song in your sound


Make peace with it

love it

fall in love with the up

fall in love with the down


Discover the frequencies

that resonate more for you

explore them and play with a few

get ecstatic over them, share them

so we can find the song that we are together,

the song of community

the song of you

the song of me


The song of me, the song of you

offer your life, your spirit,

your song,

to shape the world anew.



In group, as we acknowledge the frequency of sound or vibration as the fabric of the world we inhabit, we learn to embrace our most powerful tool to affect this world, our voice.  In concert with all nature’s sounds, from the clicking of a grain of corn to the ethereal pulse of the heavens to haunting watery whale melodies, we are called at this time to remember root soul songs, vocalize hidden memories, resonate with the music of molecules, listen for the songs of plants and stones and feel our connectedness with nature and each other through the frequencies we share.


By vocalizing crystallized patterns we release blockages and free the voice to sing wordless liberated frequencies, express the unknowable, evolve our dreams and identities and awaken our dormant selves to live a full life.


Vocalchemy helps us re-tune our own stories and thus the stories that create culture, weaving the individual threads of our varied ancestries and multicultural pathways into a new narrative which can embrace it all. What we sing, write and utter is the magical mechanism with which we rise above what separates us to a place where our different myths can co-exist in the poetry, laughter and sweet joy of diversity.

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